F3K-London What keeps and what raises value to all home

What keeps and what raises value to all home

It's not easy to predict how the value of a home would change with time. But there are some certain factors which would certainly help to predict whether you are to buy a home that would either keep or increase its value with time. Let's enlist some of the best known factors that can help you to foresee if a house keeps its value or if it's at risk of losing value.

Best factors for a home to keep or raise its value with time:

  1. A good area: there are districts in every city in the world which are just great and will always stay high in value. If you manage to get a home in such a district you can bet it will keep or even raise its value with time. Upmarket districts include old-town districts, central location homes, neighbourhoods with elite level schools and neighbours to go with it.
  2. A view that cannot be taken away: this simply means a view that's god given and in no way can be taken away. Most of the buildings with such view are hillside homes.
  3. A terrace/balcony or a garden or patio: something that gives the owner the chance to be outside while still being at home definitely adds value to a home.
  4. Good situation/flooring that enables a lot of light to get in the home: having a home with plenty of light saves tons of energy and it's also good for our spirit. Rather have curtains or blinds to block out some light, than a dark space that takes way more energy to turn light. Also, rooms with lots of light instantly look brighter and more spacious.
  5. A good build and structuring: brick homes are way better than any other modular style homes and it also shows in their value. These homes also come with better structured windows which provide way less ventilation than modular homes which need a lot more built in insulation too. In addition the chance of walls getting wet and mouldy is close to zero.
  6. A good community of neighbours: it may sound funny, but nothing is as important as to have good and helpful neighbours around. On the contrary, nothing can have such a bad effect on your living conditions than a bad neighbour. And if you have ever experienced one, you know exactly what we mean. If you live in a good, civilised and helpful community that is literally worth gold.
  7. A clean and aethetically pleasing finish will also add a lot of value to any property. Popular finishing touches like built-in and fitted wardrobes, or integrated cupboards/media walls, can make a serious difference on the offer you receive on your property.

Additional factors to add value to your home that stays and can also serve the future owners, this way it adds to the property's price too:

  • A great quality bathroom: no matter what, everyone loves high quality work and until it's done in a way it looks pleasing, pleasant and its cost to use for most people, a good new bathroom is definitely a good addition to your renovation process. It definitely raises the price of your property.
  • A great quality all automated kitchen: a good looking kitchen is not just a great investment, it's a good addition, a great way to upgrade a home's overall quality and it's also one of the biggest pulls for most customers.

We hope we could help you determine what works in favor of findingor selling a home quickly that keeps and even increases price with time.