How to make your home look attractive to sell quickly

There are tons of tricks to make a home look simply nicer, even above the cleaning and the decluttering which is of course a must-do for everyone who would like to get a good price for their home. Hereby we thought to serve you with a few tips and tricks to make your home look simply better with the smallest amount of investment and still achieve a lot in the process.

1.) Choose a good rug

Carpets especially full floor carpets are really out of trend and are also considered uncool and dirt hoarders. Therefore if you have such, clean it up and make sure your flooring is all cleaned, waxed and shiny. If necessary get a coat of lacquer on it as well. And when you are done, choose a good looking rug that accentuates the room, which stands out, gives it some extra color in the good way. This is not an easy task, so check out a few photos on social media or Google where the same or similar wall color is displayed with all sorts of rugs. Choosing a proper good looking rug will positively divert attention and will definitely be considered as a huge positive.

2.) Get decorative plants

Don't make a jungle out of your home, but a few strategically placed fresh and good looking plants can really work wonders. Especially, if their pot or hanger is a unique piece too. This can definitely add a refreshing and unique edge to a living room and make it feel happier and more alive.

3.) The proper lighting is always key

If your rooms are naturally really light you only need a white curtain or a white blinder to make sure no direct sunlight would blind the clients. If your room is a darker one or if a potential buyer visits you during the evening or late afternoon hours, make sure the strategic points are provided with the proper light. Standing lamps are perfect for this. Make sure no corners are left behind without light either way. Lighting is the key to success.

4.) Choose the proper pictures for the wall

Make sure to clear all personal or family photographs, however you shouldn't leave the walls bare. Choose a great looking, refreshing, unique picture may it be a photograph or a painting reproduction which shows something great looking, possibly a nature scene, bird's view or a city scene. Something neutral yet hip. Check out stores like IKEA for further inspiration. If everything is white, try to go for something colourful. Avoid too much of colours like red and try to accentuate green and blue both of which serving as relaxing colours.

5.) Work with textiles and decorations

Get one or more new blankets (woven or knitted are the latest trend) which look cool especially when being carefully placed on sofas, armchairs or beds. Also get decorative fruits in all sorts of nice colours. Apples, lemons, pears, grapes work perfectly.

We hope you liked these tips and you try them out when you need to sell your home fast.